Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Introduction

As an off-shoot of my main blog, this blog will be small posts about my views on the day's news and events.

In order to bring y'all into where I get my news, I thought I'd just tell y'all.

I watch The O'Reilly Factor every day I can, mostly for the great people he gets to interview.  He's insanely economically illiterate and may even be pro-union, so I really don't agree with O'Reilly on a lot of things.  I really like his weekly interviews of John Stossel, Greg Gutfeld, Glenn Beck, and Dennis Miller.  This is the only program on the Fox News Channel I watch with any regularity.

I try to watch Stossel on the Fox Business Network every week I can, as it's a weekly program.  Unfortunately, it's on at 9 PM on Thursdays, which is The Office's time slot.  John Stossel is my favorite journalist right now.  He's the only one invoking F.A. Hayek and Milton Friedman that I can think of.

When it comes to blogs, I read Townhall which is a syndicated conservative columnist aggregate; Hot Air which is an original post blog of conservative stories with a really great news feed of links to other sources; The Drudge Report which is the de facto link aggregate site for conservatives; Big Hollywood which covers popular culture from a conservative view point with a link aggregate of pop culture news similar in form to Hot Air; NewsBusters which is the blog arm of the Media Research Center which is dedicated to exposing liberal media bias where ever it rears its ugly head; Mediaite which is a sorta-conservative sorta-liberal media-focused blog like NewsBusters but less conservative; and Powerline which is a conservative blog without any real focus.

I, of course, also read the Wall Street Journal op-ed page whenever I can.

This also doesn't cover the plethora of places all the link aggregates on the above blogs take me.  To list them would be pointless.

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